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Hitachi Zaxis 170W-3, Zaxis 190W-3 Wheeled Excavator Workshop Service Manual

  • Brands: Hitachi
  • Product Code: Hit-Zaxis-170W-190W-3
  • Availability: In Stock
Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Hitachi Wheeled Excavators Models Zaxis 170W-3, Zaxis 190W-3.

Original factory manuals for Hitachi Excavator Mashines, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
    ZX 170W-3
    ZX 190W-3

Language: English
Format: ZIP, Contained set of PDF Manuals:
1. Perfomance Test Troubleshooting, PDF, 148 Pages

        Diagnosing Procedure
        Monitor Unit
        ICF (Information Controller)
        Component Layout
2. Operational Principle, PDF, 483 Pages
    Component Layout
    TO2 System
    Group 1 Controller
        Can: Controller Area Network
        (Network Provided for Machine)
        MC: Main Controller
        ECM: Engine Control Module
        ICF: Information Controller
        Monitor Unit
        Option Controller
        Steering Column Monitor
    Group 2 Control System
        Engine Control
        Pump Control
        Valve Control
        Other Controls
        Option Controller Control
        Electric and Hydraulic
        Composite Circuit Control
    Group 3 ECM System
        Fuel Injection Control
        Fuel Injection Amount Correction Control
        Preheating Control
        EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
        Engine Stop Control
    Group 4 Hydraulic System
        Pilot Circuit
        Service Brake Circuit
        Steering Circuit
        Main Circuit
    Group 5 Electrical System
        Main Circuit
        ElectricPower Circuit (Key Switch: OFF)
        Accessory Circuit
        Starting Circuit (Key Switch: START)
        Charging Circuit (Key Switch: ON)
        Serge Voltage Prevention Circuit
        Pilot Shut-OffCircuit (Key Switch: ON)
        Security LockCircuit
        Engine Stop Circuit (Key Switch: OFF)
        Security Horn Circuit
        Wiper/Washer Circuit
        Light Circuit
    Group 1 Pump Device
        Main Pump
        Solenoid Valve
        Pilot Pump, Steering Pump
        Pump Delivery Pressure Sensor
        Pump Control Pressure Sensor
    Group 2 Swing Device
        Swing Reduction Gear
        Swing Motor
        Swing Parking Brake
        Valve Unit
        Combination Valve.
    Group 3 Control Valve
        Main Relief Valve
        Overload Relief Valve
        Regenerative Valve
        Flow Rate Control Valve
        BypassShut-Out Valve
        Auxiliary Flow Combiner Valve
    Group 4 Pilot Valve
    Group 5 Electric Lever
    Group 6 Transmission
        Shift InterlockControl
        Shock Reducing Function
        Disconnect Device
    Group 7 Axle
        Front Axle
        Differential Gear
        Reduction Gear
        Steering Cylinder
        Rear Axle
    Group 8 Travel Motor
        Rotor Section
        Overload Relief Valve
        Travel Brake Valve
    Group 9 Signal Control Valve
        Pilot Port
        Shuttle Valve
        Pump 1 and Pump 2 Flow Rate
        Control Valves
        Bucket Flow Rate Control Valve
        Control Spool, Swing Parking Brake
        Release Spool.
    Group 10 Steering Valve
        Steering Valve
        Overload Relief Valve
        Make-Up Valve
        Priority Valve
        Relief Valve
    Group 11 Brake Valve
    Group 12 Others (Upperstructure
        Pilot Shut-OffSolenoid Valve
        Transmission Changeover
        Solenoid Valve
        Solenoid Valve
        Travel Shockless Valve
        Accumulator Charging Valve
        HoseRupture Valve
        Pilot Relief Valve
    Group 13 Others (Undercarriage)
        Swing Bearing
        Center Joint
        Slip Ring
Document type Workshop Service Manual
Type of Truck Wheel Excavator
Models ZAXIS 170W, ZAXIS 190W