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CTM104 - PowerTech 4.5L & 6.8L Diesel Engines (Base Engine) Component Technical Manual

  • Brands: Powertech
  • Product Code: CTM104
  • Availability: In Stock
Illustrated Factory Component Technical Manual for John Deere Tractors PowerTech 4.5L & 6.8L Diesel Engines Tier 1/Stage I, Tier 2/Stage II, Tier 3/Stage IIIA, Tier 3/Stage IIA Tier 3/Stage III, (Base Engine)

This manual contains high quality images, circuit diagrams, instructions to help you to operate, maintenance, diagnostic, and repair your truck. This document is printable, without restrictions, contains searchable text, bookmarks, crosslinks for easy navigation.

Language: English
Format: PDF, 881 pages

Covered models:
   4045DF120, 4045DF150, 4045DF151, 4045DF152,
   4045DF153, 4045DF154, 4045DF157, 4045DF158,
   4045DF159, 4045DF270, 4045DFG70, 4045DFM50,
   4045DFM70, 4045HBM01,4045HCP03, 4045HCP04,
   4045HCP05, 4045HCP08, 4045HCP12, 4045HF120,
   4045HF150, 4045HF157, 4045HF158, 4045HF252,
   4045HF254, 4045HF280, 4045HFG80, 4045HFG81,
   4045HFS80, 4045HFU81, 4045HLV54, 4045HLV55,
   4045HLV56, 4045HLV58, 4045HLV60, 4045HLV62,
   4045HLV64, 4045HLV66, 4045HMK80, 4045HP058,
   4045HP059, 4045HYC01, 4045TBM05, 4045TBZ01,
   4045TF120, 4045TF150, 4045TF151, 4045TF152,
   4045TF154, 4045TF155, 4045TF157, 4045TF158,
   4045TF161, 4045TF162, 4045TF220, 4045TF250,
   4045TF251, 4045TF252, 4045TF253, 4045TF254,
   4045TF257, 4045TF258, 4045TF270, 4045TF271,
   4045TF280, 4045TF281, 4045TF290, 4045TFG80,
   4045TFM50, 4045TP057, 4045TP080, 4TNV94CHT,
   CD4045DAT70, CD4045DF153, CD4045DL050, CD4045DL270,
   CD4045DL273, CD4045DL274, CD4045DLV50, CD4045DRT50,
   CD4045DRT51, CD4045DTK20, CD4045DYC50, CD4045HAT80,
   CD4045HAT81, CD4045HAT82, CD4045HL070, CD4045HL071,
   CD4045HL072, CD4045HL073, CD4045HL286, CD4045HLA72,
   CD4045TAT50, CD4045TAT70, CD4045TAT71, CD4045TBE50,
   CD4045TBE51, CD4045TBE52, CD4045TF152, CD4045TF273,
   CD4045TL050, CD4045TL051, CD4045TL052, CD4045TL053,
   CD4045TL054, CD4045TL055, CD4045TL056, CD4045TL057,
   CD4045TL058, CD4045TL059, CD4045TL060, CD4045TL061,
   CD4045TL062, CD4045TL063, CD4045TL064, CD4045TL070,
   CD4045TL071, CD4045TL072, CD4045TL073, CD4045TL074,
   CD4045TL075, CD4045TL270, CD4045TL271, CD4045TL273,
   CD4045TL274, CD4045TLV50, CD4045TLV56, CD4045TP061,
   CD4045TP077, CD4045TP079, CD4045TP080, CD4045TRT50,
   CD4045TTK20, CD4045TYC50, CD4045TZ050, CD4045TZ250,
   CD4045TZ270, CD6068DL050, J04045DCQ01, J04045DJ01,
   J04045TCQ01, J04045TCQ02, J04045TCQ03, J04045TJ02,
   J04045TP057, PE4045DKV50, PE4045DKV51, PE4045DLV50,
   PE4045DLV51, PE4045DP050, PE4045DP051, PE4045DP052,
   PE4045DP053, PE4045DP054, PE4045DP057, PE4045DP058,
   PE4045DP060, PE4045DT050, PE4045DT056, PE4045DT058,
   PE4045HLV52, PE4045HLV53, PE4045HLV54, PE4045HLV55,
   PE4045TDW50, PE4045TE050, PE4045TE051, PE4045TF150,
   PE4045TKV50, PE4045TLV50, PE4045TLV51, PE4045TLV52,
   PE4045TLV53, PE4045TLV54, PE4045TLV56, PE4045TN050,
   PE4045TP050, PE4045TP051, PE4045TP052, PE4045TP053,
   PE4045TP054, PE4045TP055, PE4045TP056, PE4045TP057,
   PE4045TP058, PE4045TP059, PE4045TP060, PE4045TP061,
   PE4045TP062, PE4045TP063, PE4045TP064, PE4045TP066,
   PE4045TP070, PE4045TP071, PE4045TP072, PE4045TP073,
   PE4045TP074, PE4045TP075, PE4045TP076, PE4045TP078,
   PE4045TP080, PE4045TP081, PE4045TT050, PE4045TT057,
   PE4045TT058, PE4045TT061, PE4045TT063, PE4045TT064,
   PE4045TT065, PE4045TT066, PE4045TT067, PE4045TT069,
   PE4045TT070, PE4045TT080, PE4045TT081, PE4045TT082,
   PE4045TT083, PE4045TT091, PE4045TT850, PE4045TT851,
   PE4045TT852, T04045DT004, T04045DT005, T04045DT006,
   T04045DT050, T04045DT052, T04045DT053, T04045DT055,
   T04045DT056, T04045HDW50, T04045HDW51, T04045TDW50,
   T04045TE050, T04045TE051, T04045TN050, T04045TT006,
   T04045TT007, T04045TT013, T04045TT014, T04045TT015,
   T04045TT050, T04045TT052, T04045TT053, T04045TT054,
   T04045TT055, T04045TT056, T04045TT057, T04045TT058,
   T04045TT060, T04045TT061, T04045TT062, T04045TT063,
   T04045TT064, T04045TT065, T04045TT066, T04045TT067,
   T04045TT068, T04045TT069, T04045TT070, T04045TT080,
   T04045TT081, T04045TT082, T04045TT083, T04045TT091,
   T04045TT801, T04045TT850

   6068DF150, 6068HBM02, 6068HF150, 6068HF157,
   6068HF158, 6068HF250, 6068HF252, 6068HF254,
   6068HF258, 6068SFM50, 6068TCQ18, 6068TF120,
   6068TF150, 6068TF151, 6068TF152, 6068TF157,
   6068TF158, 6068TF159, 6068TF220, 6068TF250,
   6068TF251, 6068TF254, 6068TF257, 6068TF258,
   6068TFM50, 6068TJ04,
   CD6068DL050, CD6068DL051, CD6068DL070, CD6068DL071,
   CD6068HBE50, CD6068HLA73, CD6068HYC50, CD6068HZ050,
   CD6068TBE50, CD6068TBE51, CD6068TBE52, CD6068TBE53,
   CD6068TCQ50, CD6068TL050, CD6068TL051, CD6068TL053,
   CD6068TL071, CD6068TL072, CD6068TL073, CD6068TL074,
   CD6068TP051, CD6068TP052, CD6068TYC50, CD6068TYC51,
   J06068ACQ01, J06068ACQ04, J06068HBM03, J06068HCQ02,
   J06068HCQ06, J06068TCQ01, J06068TCQ02, J06068TCQ03,
   J06068TCQ04, J06068TCQ11, J06068TCQ12, J06068TCQ13,
   J06068TCQ14, J06068TCQ15, J06068TJ02, J06068TJ04,
   J06068TJ12, J06068TP03, J06068TYC50, J06068TYC51,
   PE6068DT850, PE6068HDW50, PE6068HDW53, PE6068HDW55,
   PE6068HDW58, PE6068HDW70, PE6068HH052, PE6068HN051,
   PE6068HT050, PE6068HT051, PE6068HT052, PE6068HT053,
   PE6068HT054, PE6068HT056, PE6068HT057, PE6068HT064,
   PE6068TDW50, PE6068TDW53, PE6068TDW54, PE6068TDW55,
   PE6068TDW57, PE6068TE050, PE6068TE051, PE6068TN050,
   PE6068TN051, PE6068TN052, PE6068TN053, PE6068TN054,
   PE6068TP051, PE6068TP052, PE6068TP053, PE6068TP054,
   PE6068TP055, PE6068TP056, PE6068TP057, PE6068TP058,
   PE6068TP061, PE6068TP062, PE6068TRW50, PE6068TRW52,
   PE6068TRW70, PE6068TRW72, PE6068TRW73, PE6068TT005,
   PE6068TT051, PE6068TT053, PE6068TT055, PE6068TT056,
   PE6068TT058, PE6068TT059, PE6068TT061, PE6068TT50,
   PE6068TT850, PE6068TT851, PE6068TTJ50, PE6068TTJ51,
   T06068HDW50, T06068HDW52, T06068HDW53, T06068HDW55,
   T06068HDW58, T06068HDW70, T06068HH050, T06068HH051,
   T06068HH052, T06068HT050, T06068HT051, T06068HT052,
   T06068TDW10, T06068TDW50, T06068TDW51, T06068TDW52,
   T06068TDW53, T06068TDW54, T06068TDW55, T06068TDW56,
   T06068TDW57, T06068TE050, T06068TN050, T06068TN051,
   T06068TN053, T06068TRW50, T06068TRW51, T06068TRW52,
   T06068TRW53, T06068TRW54, T06068TRW70, T06068TRW72,
   T06068TT007, T06068TT050, T06068TT051,T06068TT052,
   T06068TT053, T06068TT055, T06068TT056, T06068TT057

   CD4045HLA70, CD4045HLA71, CD4045HLA72, CD4045TLA50,
   CD4045TLA51, 4045HF475, CD4045HL470, CD4045HL472,
   CD4045HL473, 4045HF275, 4045HFS72, 4045HFU72, 4045HZ060,
   4045TF275, 4045TFM75, 4045TT096,

   CD4045DL070, CD4045HL270, CD4045HL271, CD4045HL272,
   CD4045HL273, CD4045HLA73, CD4045HTJ75, CD4045HTJ77,
   CD4045HZ060, CD4045HZ061, CD4045HZ275, CD4045TF278,
   CD4045TL272, CD4045TZ060,
   PE4045DT057, PE4045DT059, PE4045HDW52, PE4045HP050,
   PE4045HP051, PE4045HT050, PE4045HT051, PE4045TT084,
   PE4045TT085, PE4045TT086, PE4045TT087, PE4045TT088,
   PE4045TT089, PE4045TT090, PE4045TT092, PE4045TT093,
   PE4045TT094, PE4045TT095, T04045DT057, T04045DT058,
   T04045HTJ76, T04045TT084, T04045TT085, T04045TT086,

   4045AFM85, 4045HF485, 4045HFG85, 4045HFJ85, 4045HFK80,
   4045HL481, 4045HT085, 4045HXU04, 4045HXU05,
   CD4045HL270, CD4045HL284, CD4045HL288, CD4045HL476,
   CD4045HL480, CD4045HL481, CD4045HL482, CD4045HTJ05,
   CD4045HTJ85, CD4045HTJ86, CD4045HTJ87, PE4045HDW54,

   4045HCP09, 4045HCP10, 4045HCP11, 4045HE051, 4045HF279,
   4045HF285, 4045HF286, 4045HFC28, 4045HFG82, 4045HFL289,
   4045HFL93, 4045HFS73, 4045HFS82, 4045HFS83, 4045HFS86,
   4045HFS87, 4045HFS88, 4045HFU79, 4045HFU82, 4045HL287,
   4045HL288, 4045HP052, 4045HP061, 4045HT054, 4045HT064,
   4045HT065, 4045HT067, 4045HT075, 4045HT086, 4045HT087,
   4045HXU02, 4045HYC04, 4045HYC07, 4045HYC08, 4045HYC10,
   4045HYC11, 4045HYC12, 4045TF285, 4045TFM85,
   CD4045HL280, CD4045HL281, CD4045HL282, CD4045HL283,
   CD4045HL287, CD4045HL288, CD4045HT280, CD4045HT281,
   PE4045HDW53, PE4045HDW70, PE4045HE050, PE4045HLV50,
   PE4045HLV52, PE4045HP052, PE4045HP053, PE4045HRW51,
   PE4045HT054, PE4045HT055, PE4045HT056, PE4045HT061

   CD6068TL052, CD6068TL054
   6068TFM75, CD6068HCQ60, CD6068HCQ61, CD6068HLA70,
   CD6068HLA71,CD6068HLA72, CD6068HRW01, CD6068HZ060,
   CD6068SFM50, CD6068TLA50, CD6068TLA51, CD6068TLA52,
   CD6068TLA53, J06068HCQ01, PE6068HDW63, PE6068HF275,
   PE6068HRW01, PE6068HT053, PE6068HT054, PE6068HT055,
   PE6068SFM50, PE6068TDW58, T06068SFM50

   6068HF475, 6068HFS76, 6068HFS77, 6068HFU74, 6068HN052,
   CD6068HL470, CD6068HL471, CD6068HL472, CD6068HL473,
   CD6068HL474, CD6068HL475, CD6068HZ470, PE6068HDW57,
   PE6068HDW61, PE6068HDW75, PE6068HH054, PE6068HH055,
   PE6068HH057, PE6068HH058, PE6068HRW53, PE6068HRW54,
   PE6068HRW61, PE6068HTJ54, PE6068HTJ55

   6068HCQ04, 6068HF120, 6068HF275, 6068HFS72, 6068HFU72,
   6068HYC53, 6068TF275, 6068TFM76, 6068TYC52, CD6068HL270,
   CD6068HL271, CD6068HL272, CD6068HL273, CD6068HTJ75,
   CD6068HTJ76, CD6068HTJ77, CD6068TL270, CD6068TL271,
   CD6068TL273, J06068HBM04, PE6068HDW56, PE6068HDW59,
   PE6068HDW60, PE6068HDW62, PE6068HRW59, PE6068HRW60,
   PE6068HRW63, PE6068HT059, PE6068TT057, PE6068TT060

   6068AFM75, 6068HCQ05, 6068HCQ07, 6068HDW76, 6068HDW76a,
   6068HDW77, 6068HDW83, 6068HDW89, 6068HDW91, 6068HF485,
   6068HFC48, 6068HFG85, 6068HFL84, 6068HFS89, 6068HN054,
   6068HNW02, 6068HT082, 6068HT083, 6068HT087, 6068HT109,
   6068HTJ01, 6068HTJ60, 6068HWZ80, 6068HXU01, 6068RW203,
   6068RW208, 6068SFM75, CD6068HCQ81, CD6068HL280, CD6068HL480,
   CD6068HL481, CD6068HL482, CD6068HL483, CD6068HL484,
   CD6068HL486, CD6068HL487, CD6068HL488, CD6068HT480,
   CD6068HTJ05, CD6068HTJ85, CD6068HTJ86, CD6068HTJ87,
   CD6068HTJ88, CD6068HTJ89, CD6068HZ480, CD6068HZ481,
   CD6068HZ482, CD6068HZ483, CD6068TRW01, PE6068HDW64,
   PE6068HDW65, PE6068HDW66, PE6068HDW67, PE6068HDW68,
   PE6068HDW69, PE6068HDW71, PE6068HDW73, PE6068HDW74,
   PE6068HDW79, PE6068HDW80, PE6068HH058, PE6068HH059,
   PE6068HH060, PE6068HH061, PE6068HH062, PE6068HL481,
   PE6068HL482, PE6068HN053, PE6068HN056, PE6068HRW54,
   PE6068HRW64, PE6068HRW65, PE6068HRW73, PE6068HRW75,
   PE6068HRW77, PE6068HRW80, PE6068HRW82, PE6068HRW83,
   PE6068HT061, PE6068HT062, PE6068HT077, PE6068TRW01

   6068AFM85, 6068HBM01, 6068HCP01, 6068HDW74, 6068HE051,
   6068HF279, 6068HF285, 6068HFC28, 6068HFG82, 6068HFL286,
   6068HFS73, 6068HFS82, 6068HFS83, 6068HFS85, 6068HFS86,
   6068HFU79, 6068HFU82, 6068HL287, 6068HL288, 6068HN055,
   6068HNW03, 6068HT067, 6068HT069, 6068HT085, 6068HT104,
   6068HT105, 6068HT111, 6068HT112, 6068HT116, 6068HTJ56,
   6068HYC52, 6068HYC59, 6068HYC60, 6068HYH01, 6068HYH02,
   6068HYH03, 6068HYH07, 6068HYN01, 6068HYN04, 6068SFM85,
   6068TF485, CD6068HCQ82, CD6068HL280, CD6068HL281,
   CD6068HL282, CD6068HL283, PE6068HE050, PE6068HN052,
   PE6068HRW72, PE6068HRW73, PE6068HRW74, PE6068HRW81,
   PE6068HRW84, PE6068HT063, PE6068HT065, PE6068HT066,
   PE6068HT069, PE6068HT070, PE6068HT072, PE6068TP053


   Record of Changes
   PowerTech 4.5L Engine-Tier 1/Stage I
   PowerTech 4.5L Engine-Tier 2/Stage II
   PowerTech 6.8L Engine-Tier 1/Stage I
   PowerTech™ 6.8L Engine-Tier 2/Stage II
   PowerTech™ 6.8L Engine With Electronic Fuel System-Tier 2/Stage
   PowerTech Plus 6.8L Engine With Electronic Fuel System-Tier 3/Stage IIIA
   PowerTech E 4.5 L Engine With Electronic Fuel Systems (HPCR Fuel System) (Two-Valve
Cylinder Head)
   PowerTech E 6.8 L Engine With Electronic Fuel Systems (HPCR Fuel System) (Two-Valve
Cylinder Head Model)
   PowerTech M 4.5 L Engine with Mechanical Fuel System and 17 mm Injectors
   General Information
      Engine Identification and Application Charts
      Fuels, Lubricants and Coolants
   Repair and Adjustments
      Engine Rebuild
      Cylinder Head and Valves (Two-Valve Head Engines)
      Cylinder Head and Valves (Four-Valve Head Engines)
      Cylinder Block, Liners, Pistons and Rods
      Crankshaft, Main Bearings and Flywheel
      Camshaft, Balancer Shafts and Timing Gear Train
      Lubrication System
      Cooling System
      Air Intake and Exhaust System
      Fuel System
      Starting and Charging Systems
   Theory of Operation
      Base Engine Operation
      Observable Diagnostics and Tests
   Tools and Other Materials
      Repair Tools and Other Materials
      Diagnostic Service Tools
      Dealer Fabricated Service Tools
      Repair and General OEM Specifications
      Diagnostic Specifications
Document type Component Technical Manual
Models 4045, 6068
Tags: 4045, 6068